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Smartbedding is now Primary.

Price Jason

How we offer the
best price possible

Without compromising on quality, we’re able to offer Primary Bedding for much less by selling directly to you.

We’ve cut out the middleman at every stage. Traditional bedding companies have big retail markups. Not with us.

Through a superior distribution model, we pass the savings directly onto you.

Primary vs. Traditional retailers

The secret to our price is all in how we deliver our bedding to you.
Price Direct
Directly to you
Price Direct
Price Marked Up
Marked up

The finer details of our revolutionary pricing

No middlemen, just direct to you

By cutting out the middleman at every step of the way, we’re able to offer Primary Bedding to you for the best price possible. When companies sell via distributors, retail stores, and salespeople, the price has to be increased at every step of the way.

Not with us. We’d rather have a relationship directly with our customers.

We’ve refused to compromise on quality

Reasonable thinking would lead you to believe that a lower price equals lower quality. With Primary Bedding, this isn’t the case. Instead, we rely on a superior distribution model.

The bedding sold in retailers carry immense markups. We’re able to produce our bedding with the highest quality linen, without the high price.

Our bedding would cost $600 - $1,000 in retailers

It’s no secret, linen is a luxury good. Step into any retail store and you’ll see a price tag nearing $1,000 for a complete 7 piece bedding set.

The dirty little secret of Primary Bedding is we’re produced right alongside these brands, but sold directly to you.