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Pillow Sham Set

  • Charcoal Gray
  • Nature
  • Legion Blue
  • Rosewood
  • Mint Leaf
  • Pure White
  • Standard
  • King
  • 1
  • 2
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Choosing the
right partner

Choosing a factory took us 12 months and our entire team's individual attention.

The finest design and material will go nowhere without a factory that can produce them perfectly. We searched far and wide and finally found our gem in Shenzhen.

The factory’s team is a small group of experts in linens and sewing that met our high standards. We’re now happy to call them friends.

A factory with
strong values

We sought craftsmanship, beauty, and kindness.

It mattered to us how the factory functioned and if they could produce to our standards, but also if the people behind the scenes were happy.

We wanted to know exactly how the management treated everyone.

Many factories can produce quality products, but are they good to their people? Spending quality time with the owners and employees was the only way to find out.

Meet Winston

Winston is the founder of our factory.

He started his career as a biologist, but found a love for linen later in life. He started small, and slowly built his business on quality, trust, dignity, and respect of both employees and customers.

Winston is a generous and sweet man. He’s spoken of highly by the team. Our founders spent a lot of time with Winston and the workers.

Winston, the factory owner with Marshall, our CEO.

The craftsmen
& women

During our time with the team, we enjoyed the bright atmosphere and mood of the factory. They’re cheerful while staying focused on their craft.

We believe a naturally well lit environment goes a long way.

We looked for reasonable working hours and noticed most everyone enjoys hour long naps midday after lunch.

Our Revolutionary Price Is All About You

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